Why do we use Cloudflare?

1. Improved Website Load Times (on average 17% faster!) The performance factors really are the number one reason why we use Cloudflare. Cloudflare enables us to serve content closer to where your visitors are located using an edge server, providing an easy way to speed up your site while also reducing the latency. 2. Reduced … Read more

Setting up a Hosts File on Windows

ATTENTION: If you have an IT person that manages your Computers or your Network, PLEASE make sure you ask their permission/approval before doing anything explained below. This can break a connection to a main office or server if the IT department has setup some kind of internal network for your company/organization. If you are a … Read more

How to Download JotForm Submissions as a PDF

1. On the form you want to download a PDF for, click on the “Inbox” for it. 2. Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and choose “Download” then Print version. Important Note: The “Print” Feature only prints the page (the same as if you click the print page button in your browser). … Read more