High Impact Dealer, Inc., provides a time-tested set of custom web design options, digital marketing tools, and software solutions that helps equipment dealers not only grow their businesses but make a high impact on their entire industry. There is only one guarantee in marketing: if you don’t do it, it doesn’t work! We understand this principle and wake up every morning focused on simplifying our customers’ business lives.

We exist to revolutionize the way your business attracts and retains its valued customers. Join over 50 of the southeast’s premier equipment dealers by employing a dynamic, industry-leading website and leveraging consequential marketing tactics. The recipe is simple: we facilitate a highly attractive online presence and a simplified pipeline of eager customers, while you focus on quality of service and surging sales. This initiative results in quantifiable, industry-breaking outcomes. This is the mark of a High Impact Dealer.

High Impact Dealer has a simple mission: We are committed to creating opportunity for your dealership. We leverage digital marketing software to help you stay in front of your customers when it matters most. We thrive by increasing the probability that you close your next deal. We win when you create a relationship that becomes a life-long customer.

We constantly evaluate our own process to maximize efficiency and professionalism for our clients. Our focus is on creating consistent value for your shop. We are here to make you a High Impact Dealer.