Gravely Mower
Specializing in Digital Marketing Solutions with attention grabbing Web Design for the
Outdoor Equipment Industry

Revolutionize the way your business attracts and retains valued customers.



High Impact Dealer is passionate about the growth and sustained success of the outdoor power equipment dealer. You are the hero of our story, and we are here to help you meet and defeat the challenges of running a thriving dealership in today’s hyper competitive market.

Running a successful dealership is demanding, and there are only 24 hours in a day. While you focus on high quality customer service and closing deals, we create a consistent brand identity and robust marketing system that drives more leads than you ever thought possible.  





Website Design

With industry veterans & actual consumers on our team, we understand the information customers seek. Create simple, customer-first websites to maximize the chances of new business, statistically leading to more closed deals.

Directory and Content Management

Create and maintain a consistent brand story across all social media channels. 

Give us the keys, and we will ensure your content is aligned and engaging your audience.

Social Traffic

Invest in advertising your products to the most relevant audience possible. The best part? We analyze and learn from the data to continually refine and improve your strategy.  

There is one guarantee in marketing: if you don’t do it, it doesn’t work.

Pay-Per Click
(PPC) Advertising

Get competitive search results in Google, Bing, and beyond. Statistically, PPC is one of the best digital marketing strategies there is.

By bidding on effective keywords, we drive more traffic to your website.


Our Google and Facebook Certifications:

Shopping Ads Certification Google Display Ads Certification Google Ads Apps Certification Google Ads Search Certification Google Analytics Certification Google Ads AI-Powered Performance Certification