Product Availability Status and How it Works

Displaying Your Products on Your Website:

Which Products Your Visitors See:
A. Display all products 
B. Display only your location’s products

Let’s dig into that…
To decide how you’d like to have us setup your website will depend on how you handle your mower inventory conversations with your customers. For example some dealers like to just show all the products they have access to and when someone wants a particular mower they don’t have in inventory (in stock… on site), they simply let them know they can get it. This of course is dependent on how fast you can get it and if you think the person will be willing to wait, or if you think you can show them another product that will fit their needs.

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Most dealers see this as capturing a missed opportunity, because if their site only shows the inventory, the visitor might move on to the competitor without giving you a chance to talk and close the deal! (We agree)

Another thing is, we can enable the “In Stock” Toggle if you want us to.

How Your Visitors See Inventory: (3 options)
In Stock 
In Stock – Manage Stock (show the number of inventory in stock) *
Call For Availability (this shows when marked Out of Stock) 

Note: The message here can be customized per site, just let us know what you’d like the text to say in any of the above scenarios.

* If you choose to use the “In Stock Manage Stock” option, you will need to maintain the inventory manually or your website will not be up to date and people will end up coming in and being upset because your website showed it in stock when it was sold out.

To manage this portion of the product, you login to Admin then go to the product page to edit it (Products > Choose the product). then scroll down to the tabs and look for “Inventory”.

Hide Products:

Hide a product from the front end:
(but still keep it for future use or for reference

    • Put the item in “Draft” status


HID manages pricing:

• MSRP (main price, slashed out price)
• MAP (shows as the sale or cash price)
• Promo instead of MAP pricing for Sale/Cash price
• Prices will auto-update when we globally update all dealers pricing

Custom Pricing is available:
• Other custom pricing you will send to HID to input and manage

Self-managed pricing:

• Customer will update and manage their pricing
• Price sync will be disabled and will not change with Global updates