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    PLEASE NOTE... We will need access to the domain with login credentials or will need to share screens to get the site pointed over at the time of Launch. REMEMBER: These sites are required to be managed via High Impact Dealer

    Setting Up Customer Payments

    Setting up eCommerce? The customer will need to determine if they are allowing for online purchases or just listing prices, or even call for quote.

    We have a cool feature we call "Badges" and it adds a red graphic that shows the visitor any rebates or discounts available from the manufacturer. If you prefer, we can add these automatically to your products and keep up with the deals as they become available from the manufacturers.
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    Examples: PayPal, Stripe,, Square

    We will need to know if products need to be configured for national shipping or local pick-up only. NOTE... If shipping is active additional product setup will be needed. Shipping size and weight will need to be added for each item AND larger items may need freight added like Riding mowers!

    3 types of Financing Applications Available to Add to Your Website

    Choose The Type of Credit Application Offered To Customers

    Option 1: Get Financing Application – (Most recommended) This is a secure application on your website that customers enter sensitive (SS#, DL) info which we combine requirements from both Sheffield and TD apps into one, giving you the ability to complete both applications if needed after you receive it. You will receive a notification email but to access this sensitive info (PCI compliant) you log in to a secure program that we provide. Option 2: Pre-Approval Application This pre-approval app is where your customer can complete an application that asks “general questions” related to their credit. This is not intended to be able to process a credit application. It identifies if they had a bankruptcy, approximate credit score, and other credit related questions. Option 3: Direct link to Finance Company’s site application (Examples: Sheffield and TD, etc.) There is no credit information received or stored from/through your website. Customers are directed be a link provided by the lender. Option 4: Need Assistance to Choose – Not sure what is best? Select this and a representative will go over these with you.


    Price Per Month Plans

    We offer a payment per month feature for all equipment which includes the tax, acquisition fee (buydown), documentation fee, and an fixed adder amount (your option to add $X amount to the final price per month) included in the price per month so that a customer looking to purchase has accurate price per month cost out the door. This gives you the ability to place the MAP price (cash price) online and when a customer asks what the price is if I finance it, it is very accurate. We need to know for each manufacturer that you want to show payment per month for the financing plan/tax rate/buydown (if you choose)/doc fee/ and adder.

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    How do you want to show your inventory online: Show ALL with a In Stock or Out of Stock Label This is where all Products and Models are listed on the site with either In Stock or Out of Stock. No need to have a set inventory management by quantities. Show Only IN STOCK Available (Recommended*) This is where the website ONLY displays Products and Models that are available in store to purchase. Show ALL STOCK as Available This is where you display the full product line as in stock. Need Assistance to Choose – Not sure what is best? Select this and a representative will go over these with you *We recommend SHOW ONLY STOCK AVAILABLE but with a caveat… you show what you want to show as available… and that doesn’t mean it’s available but it shows as available because you know if you receive a lead from it you can potentially say to the customer, we just sold out of that unit in Kohler but we do have it in a Kawi. So if you have a list available by each manufacturer or just highlight on the manufacturers price list the units, that would be best so we can show it as available.

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